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College students


How does it work? 

Create your free online Digital Portfolio. Browse Scholarships & Earn points by accomplishing challenges. 

Redeem points for scholarships, mentorships, and other ongoing rewards. 

Also, take advantage of Job Openings through our partners once you create your LevlEd Account. 


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How to Change your Life Earning Scholarships while in school

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Step 1

Join LevlEd and create your free online Digital Portfolio.

Once you have a profile, join our online community with other students that'll be competing for scholarships or job seeking.

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Step 2

Browse different Scholarships and Grants & begin the learn-to-earn process.

Enjoying a Read

Step 3

Learning will consist of completing daily tasks, watching videos, taking quizzes, and completing exams to gain points.


This curriculum will be based on the scholarship/grant type.

Video Game Vlogger

Step 4

You will begin to EARN points for every task/module completed in order to win the scholarship.


Leaderboards will be displayed showing the top-ranking applicants.

Successful Teenagers

Step 5

If you meet the qualifications and beat other contestants then you will be notified as a winner.

If you lose the chance to receive the scholarship, you will also be notified.

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Step 6

If you win, you will receive your $$ for continuing education. 

If you don't win, reapply for another opportunity to win $$.

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