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Our Goals

About Levled

LevlEd is a  web application focused on building a Learn to Earn protocol by including a gamification system in the scholarship and grant application process. This process is done by allowing students of any age to receive continuing education by connecting them with scholarships and educational grants. With new ways of calculating student progression, we take all factors of a student's skills combined with their digital resume to help build their digital profile.

Our system then allows students to participate in a gamified version of an application by completing tasks and gaining points allowing them to check the leaderboard and see what place they rank in order to win the Scholarship or Grant.

We aim to empower all students with the ability to access a leveled playing field with equal opportunities.

Help more students receive continuing education

Our Goals

Increase the amount of money students receive by allowing them to earn Scholarships.

Help students of any age reach their goals. 

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