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LevlED x Harmonize Together with your local church want to help you level the playing field and give you what you need to make attending a Christian college possible. 

The Harmonize Website tells you what Christian college is, why it's exciting, what great college options are, and how your local church, our foundation, and Christian colleges work alongside you. Read how eating delicious home-cooked meals can give you a full ride to college. 

LevlED streamlines the scholarship application process for students and the churches granting scholarships. Church and scholarship trustees can log in to view their student's applications, fundraising progress, colleges of interest, and other data relevant to assigning awards like financial need, academics, and programs of interest. Students can view their fundraising progress and apply for their local churches' scholarships according to that church's requirements.

Check out LevlED home page to learn additional ways you can Learn to Earn!  

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