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With the RD-GX series, you can customize and enhance your sonic palette by adding up to two optional Roland SRX expansion boards of your choice. Whether you need more pianos, organs, synths, or drums, you can find the perfect sound-set for your musical style and genre. And when you're ready to perform live, you can use the RD-GX series as powerful master controllers, thanks to their multi-zone functionality and multiple MIDI outputs (three MIDI outputs) that let you control external sound modules and software instruments.

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The RD-GX series also offer a superb keyboard feel and response, thanks to the PHA II Ivory Feel keyboard with Escapement. This keyboard simulates the natural resistance and rebound of real piano keys, giving you a realistic and expressive playing experience. The keys are also coated with a special material that replicates the look and feel of ivory and ebony.

Another feature that sets the RD-GX series apart from other stage pianos is the Graphic LCD display, which shows you the selected sounds and settings in high-resolution graphics. You can also use the display to access the built-in audio recorder, which lets you record your performances as WAV files to a USB flash drive. You can then play back your recordings on the RD-GX or transfer them to your computer for further editing and sharing.The RD-GX series also come with a wide range of effects and processors that let you shape your sound to suit any venue and situation. You can apply reverb, chorus, EQ, and compression to each sound individually, or use the master effects to add global enhancements. You can also use the dedicated rotary effect for authentic organ sounds, or the multi-band limiter to prevent clipping and distortion.

Finally, the RD-GX series are designed to be easy to use and transport, thanks to their intuitive panel layout and lightweight body. You can quickly access your favorite sounds and settings with the one-touch piano button and the live sets, which let you store and recall up to 100 combinations of sounds and effects. You can also connect your RD-GX to your computer via USB and use it as a MIDI controller or an audio interface. With the RD-GX series, you have everything you need to create and perform amazing music on stage and in the studio.But don't just take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from satisfied customers who have used the RD-GX series for their musical projects and performances:

"The RD-GX is the best stage piano I've ever played. The sounds are amazing, the keyboard feels great, and the effects are top-notch. I love how I can customize the sounds and effects to my liking, and how easy it is to switch between them on the fly. The RD-GX is a must-have for any serious keyboardist." - John Smith, professional musician and composer.

"I've been using the RD-GX for my home studio and I'm blown away by the quality and versatility of this instrument. The piano sounds are rich and realistic, the organ sounds are warm and punchy, and the synth sounds are crisp and modern. The RD-GX also works great as a MIDI controller and an audio interface, making it easy to record and edit my music on my computer. The RD-GX is the ultimate all-in-one keyboard for any music producer." - Jane Doe, amateur music producer and hobbyist. e0e6b7cb5c


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