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The future of Education. Get rewarded by Learning.

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 The Future of Education


We're building an ecosystem that turns students and professionals into apprentices by pursuing an education and earning rewards.
Joining LevlEd allows you to earn scholarships, become a mentor, or partner with us to give students and professionals a leveled playing field. 

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How does it work? 

Create your free online Digital Portfolio. Browse Scholarships & Earn points by accomplishing challenges. 

Redeem points for scholarships, mentorships, and other ongoing rewards. 

Also, take advantage of Job Openings through our partners once you create your LevlEd Account. 


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How does it work? 

Create your account and offer scholarships, become mentors in order to empower the future workforce, and browse through potential Job Candidates all in one ecosystem. 

If you have more questions about benefits for partners, click the learn more link below and we can schedule a meeting. 

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How does it work? 

*This feature is coming soon*

Are you neither a student nor a business but wants to be a part of LevlEd? 

Create your account today and soon we will have a professional option where you can earn rewards by guiding students with experience, skills, and education. 

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